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Here are some reviews and testimonials from industry professionals.


"James worked with me on 2 shoots of the same scene quite some time apart and was very capable of getting the details and nuances right despite the time difference. His role required both physical and acting capability and he was able to deliver on both with absolute minimal input from me as director. He is easy going and very easy to work with. It was a pleasure having him on set and he was ready and willing to try multiple takes while we experimented with set up. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat."

Nick Parker, award winning director, 'SWITCH'

"I worked with James in 2016 when I hired him for my film "The Jeweller". I didn't know James at the time and he was recommended to me. On set I found him to be respectful, professional, reliable and accommodating. His delivery was both believable and imaginative. He was able to interpret his role in a way that made him easy to direct and was always open to criticism. In truth, James deserved a much bigger role and I commented on this several times to my crew stating "I wish I'd given this lad more lines".

I would always consider James for future lead roles as I have no doubt he would be capable of delivering an authentic portrayal of the character I was looking for in a script. I wish James all the best for the future in his acting career and expect him to accomplish great things. I hope to work with James again as soon as possible."

John Stockton, director and cinematographer, 'The Jeweller'

"James was a pleasure to work with on our short film – focused and natural in front of the camera, helpful and friendly behind. He was an asset to our small crew from the get-go, patient when waiting for set-ups and willing to do whatever it took to get the right shot – despite some fairly difficult conditions. James’ ability to quickly understand and represent his character effectively meant that he required very little specific direction and was able to deliver a nuanced, emotional performance without much rehearsal or preparation at all. A pleasure to work with in all respects and I would love to work with him again in the future."

Nick Gaven, director, 'Acheron'

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with James whilst I was directing my short film. James is without a doubt one of the most impressive actors that I have ever worked with,.I realised this on our first acting workshop together. In this workshop, we decided to play out one of the scenes from the film and as soon as he got into character and we played the scene out, I was surprised as his performance was exactly what I had imagined in my head, without ever discussing with him what I wanted.

James was so quick to get into character whenever he was required to and often gave many suggestions as to how he could make the most out of his performance, which was an absolute dream to myself.

James is such a great guy and a real laugh to work with. We had a number of issues with the filming process e.g. camera batteries dying, cold weather etc. but no matter what issues arose, James remained in really high spirits and was up for helping out in any way he could.

My only issue with James is the fact that I haven’t been able to work with him again."

Aaron Ball, director, 'Chloe'

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